"Living" rooms

Local nature inspired the design and finish of the Hidden Bay hotel. The materials come from the region. The atmosphere is cosy; the style is pure, informal and simple. The magical colours of the Somme landscape are omnipresent. Six rooms are spread across the first and second floor. They were designed by Architecture Chevalier of Strasbourg. The key concepts are light, comfort and contrast. The volumes under the roof have unusual heights and shapes. The furniture, from the Belgian designer Casimir, differs from stereotypical hotel room design and arouses a living room feeling. The furnishings unify the space in a natural manner. Flint, opal, linen, leather, and French oak are used. Soft carpets caress your toes, large windows overlook village life. The brasserie on the ground floor is lively, but this is inaudible due to 60 cm of acoustic insulation.

We have 1 room for guests with limited possibilities.

Hidden Bay hotel
192, rue Maréchal Foch
F 80410 Cayeux-sur-Mer
T + 33 3 22 30 54 53
gsm + 33 6 63 48 90 37