The town of “les Cayolais”

The name Cayeux refers to the simple, honest character of the place. Cayeux comes from caillou, which means pebble, a material that abounds on the beaches. Because it was cheaper than brick, it was used abundantly in walls and as a wall covering – this is also true in the Hidden Bay hotel.
The greatest visual attraction in Cayeux is the 400 beach cabins that photogenically follow the shoreline, surrounded by a wooden walking pier. On the horizon, chalk cliffs jut out of the water enticingly.
Cayeux is a seaside resort that looks just like it did 75 years ago; it is more or less untouched by modern life. In that sense, it is completely at home in the unspoilt Somme landscape.

Hidden Bay hotel
192, rue Maréchal Foch
F 80410 Cayeux-sur-Mer
T + 33 3 22 30 54 53
gsm + 33 6 63 48 90 37