Hidden Bay hotel Cayeux-sur-Mer

Hidden Bay hotel is located in Cayeux-sur-Mer, on the French Picardy coast just under the Bay of the Somme.
The address is rue Maréchal Foch 192, 80410 Cayeux-sur-Mer.  The hotel is in the centre of the village, 200 m from the shoreline. There is a pebble beach with long rows of beach cabins and a walking pier.
Cayeux is accessible by car via Calais (A16 motorway, take exit 23 or 24) or via Amiens (A29 motorway then A16, exit 24). By train you travel to Amiens (from Paris-Nord or TGV Haute Picardie) then to Abbeville or Noyelles-sur-Mer. Abbeville is also accessible by train from Calais. Buses travel between Abbeville and Cayeux-sur-Mer.

Hidden Bay hotel
192, rue Maréchal Foch
F 80410 Cayeux-sur-Mer
T + 33 3 22 30 54 53
gsm + 33 6 63 48 90 37