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Daftpunk and Peter Lindbergh gave Ault it’s cult status

Daftpunk And Peter Lindbergh Gave Ault It’s Cult Status

Ault is the southern entrance to the bay of the Somme.

This small town in Picardie has the largest cliffs of the European mainland. This provides an excellent backdrop that cult-status acquired.

In 2013 Peter Lindebergh made a report for M magazine with Daftpunt and Saskia de Brauw which we also know from the music video “the stars” by David Bowie. In 2019, Alvares created “Dancing With the Seals”, a music video with a sense of calm, elegance and lightness.

The cliffs of Ault are dramatic and the concrete construction that leads to a former casino make this place particularly modern and timeless. The ever-changing weather conditions ensure that the deco is always captivating.

If you want to spend the night in the bay of the Somme you can visit the Hidden Bay Hotel. After 10 km you will arrive in Ault Onival by bike. This route is pure nature and alternates between flat stretches and hills.

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