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Breakfast and the restaurant

The Hidden Bay Hotel has a fixed breakfast formula. You can choose a la carte between various dishes. If you fancy some cold cuts of meat or prefer a custom-made egg? Do you want affined cheeses? You choose without adjusting the breakfast rate. Our breakfasts are also open to visitors who do not stay in the hotel, which makes the atmosphere more convivial and we invite them to start the day.


Our hosts drink the aperitif together here. Visitors read a book and order our suggestion card. Here they buy and cook locally. Your oyster dish is only 300 meters away from the sea. A selection of our salads are from our own vegetable garden. Even if you are on holiday in our hotel, we can serve you a quick lunch.


For dinner, Au Petit Café offers a limited menu. Our family kitchen will make you feel at home. The daily fresh offer ensures the taste of the seasons. Your little wish will be fulfilled with pleasure. And with your favourite dish we can recommend a suitable wine or beer. Take no unnecessary risk and book your table.

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