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The AMBASSADEURS DU RTBF at the Hidden Bay Hotel

The AMBASSADEURS DU RTBF At The Hidden Bay Hotel

The AMBASSADEURS DU RTBF in Hauts de France and Hidden Bay Hotel

The trio, Armelle, Jean-Philippe Watteyne and Guy Lemaire make a raid in France.

The “Hauts-de-France” region is really big! So even though there is a great temptation to travel in all directions and discover its beauty, Armelle and her two accomplices have chosen to follow the Somme up to its estuary in the English Channel.

The human adventure starts first in a canoe on the river….

The Floating Hortillons of Amiens

The Amiens hortillonnages are gardens that are best visited in the summer and that have been laid out on former marshes. Vegetables were grown along the canals in the Middle Ages and most of the plots were transformed into ornamental gardens to the great delight of Amiens and tourists. Guided tours are usually by boat and stop at the end of October, but you can still catch a glimpse by walking or cycling along the towpath. 7km

The cathedral of Amiens is beautiful.

It is twice the size of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. Twice! We notice it from a distance and when we get to the feet, we feel very small. The facade is absolutely beautiful with its classic Gothic architecture and details that combine radiant Gothic and flamboyant Gothic, such as the beautiful rose window. The verandas are particularly beautiful and rich in details, each telling a story. The abbey of Saint-Riquier was a source of inspiration for this cathedral.

Visitors to Amiens Cathedral will find here a delightful video that adds value to the visit.

The Jules Verne House

An essential visit for all travelling spirits! Jules Verne lived in Amiens. Her old house can be visited and each room brings us a little more in her fantastic imagination! This visit makes you want to reread the writer’s works.

Hidden Bay Hotel

RTBF, Les Ambassadors Television Squad also stopped by the Hidden Bay Hotel. If you want to spend the night in the hotel, we welcome you in one of our 8 design rooms or in our Gîte de presbytere of Cayeux. Benjamin discovered the brasserie Au Petit Café which is part of the hotel. We drank a “petit café” together and lent our bike to Armelle to discover the Rooute Blanche.

Maxim Marzi

Is the ideal nature guide to visit the bay of the Somme . He is passionate about this landscape and this biotope.  He knows all kinds of historical facts about the Somme. With his guests he departs from Saint Valery Sur Somme and goes out on an adventure. You will not be bored for a moment. He puts you in touch with the seals and lets you smell how salty the sea is here. Maxime will be happy to share with you the physical science of the Somme. Visiting the Somme bay with a nature guide can be a real added value for your stay.

The Henson horse is everyone’s friend

The idea for this breed was born in the early 70’s in the bay of the Somme to create the ideal horse for (tourist) rides. Bernard Bizet, Lionel and Marc Berquin were at the origin of this experiment between the crossing of warm and cold blood. The crosses consisted of warm-blooded horses such as the Selle Français, the French Trover and the Anglo-Arab with Fjord horses. Since 2003 the Henson horse is recognized by the French Haras Nationaux. At Hidden Bay Hotel we like to see the Henson horse as one of the important herds of mammals in the natural biotope in the bay of the Somme.

Parc Du Marquenterre

Between Siberia and North West Africa, the Somme Bay is the resting place for thousands of migratory birds.

North of this estuary, a former agricultural polder of 200 ha has been transformed into a puzzle of natural habitats that will facilitate the reception of some of these birds and then create a high biodiversity spot. To help visitors to the Hauts de France discover this nature, the “Parc Ornithologique du Marquenterre” (later abbreviated to “Parc du Marquenterre”) was created in 1973. Ornithological nature guides pass on their passion to visitors. 600 species of birds have been spotted over a period of 5 years.

The Parc is a large nature reserve at the mouth of the Somme in northern France. The park is 32 km drive from Hidden Bay Hotel. Highlights of the park are the spoonbills and storks that nest in summer and the masses of migrating waterfowl in the other months. There are 12 shelters and the paths are well laid out and passable. Admission fee is free


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Stay in the bay of the Somme : Hidden Bay Hotel


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