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The seals of Cayeux-sur-Mer

The Seals Of Cayeux-sur-Mer

An absolute top activity in Cayeux france is seal watching. Le Hourdel, just 5 km from Hotel Hidden Bay, is a sister village of Cayeux-Sur-Mer and the ideal place to spot the seal colony. In the Bay of the Somme there is a colony of 600 seals. In small groups they rest on the sandbanks. Sometimes they playfully swim on the coast. You can plan a visit both organized and on your own initiative.

  • You can rent boats in Saint Valerie-Sur-Somme or Le Crotoy,
  • You can canoe to the sandbanks by kayak.
  • You can take a car to Le Hourdel and walk further along the beach.

Visitors to the Hidden Bay Hotel often use our Cocomat bikes to admire these exceptional marine mammals. After a 15minute bike ride you will reach the bunker of Le Hourdel. This is a privileged place for seals to rest during low tide. You can approach seals up to 50 meters away and we recommend all visitors not to enter the comfort zone of these animals.

It is best to bring binoculars and possibly a better lens to take pictures. We recently received beautiful pictures from David Bruyneel who was a guest in the hotel. Thanks to him we had a hit on our instagram page #HiddenBayHotelFrance . We do not recommend the use of drones for this adventurous. To our visitors we give the right timing of the tides. If you want to learn more about the seals of Cayeux, you can also use a nature guide.

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