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Bois-de-Cise sea view is picturesque.

Bois-de-Cise Sea View Is Picturesque.

The seaside resort of Bois-de-Cise is picturesque .

It is a subdivision of a wooded valley that was part of a larger forest, the size of which has decreased since the Benedictine monks cut it down in the Middle Ages to the present day. The forest consists of natural beech and oak.Under the old regime, the Bois de Cise, a hunting ground, belonged to the Châtellenie d’Ault.In the 19th century, wood was the heritage of the Delorgne de Souplicourt family.

In 1853, Saint-Hilaire-Dufour, president of the Dieppe Chamber of Commerce, became the owner and made it into a hunting event, and in 1883 he sold it to Mr Chardin, who lived in Le Tréport.

This is where the contemporary Bois de Cise started.

Around 1896, Jean-Baptiste Theulot, a wine merchant in Mercurey, bought his first land in Bois de Cise from Mr. Chardin.

By a specification established on February 5, 1898, the subdivision of nearly 500,000 square meters of land, divided into 400 lots whose surface area varies from 180 to more than 1700 square meters.The extraction of fifty thousand cubic meters of chalk gives the waterfront its current shape.On the slopes of the cliff lush villas in Belle Epoque style were built. Each house has a history. It has an actual name instead of a song that still exists today.

The Great War put an end to the urbanization project of Jean-Baptiste Theulot, allowing walkers to enjoy a bucolic environment while visiting this historic place. In spring the hyacinths smell. In autumn, the gulls dance with the wind between the cliffs.

Art Nouveau . Today, Bois de Cise is not a fashionable seaside resort, but an ideal resting place The houses, some of which are in Art Nouveau, winding on both sides of the opening cliff up it is worth a visit and detour.

Table with a view .

This is a Pick-nick Hotspot. At the end of the main boulevard is a small park in which is a pavilion from the 50s or 60s. It is one of the most beautiful places in France to eat your sandwich. a table with a view to tell you. Who is extra sporty already take your table tennis pallet with you because there are also ping pong tables in concrete.

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